What does a business coach do?


Running a business can feel like a lonely enterprise. The buck stops at the top, and everything rests on your shoulders. Combine that with your own personal – human sufferings, and life can be miserable. It’s hard to ask your employees for advice or support, so who are you supposed to turn to for guidance?

Who is your support?

That’s what a business coach does.

There’s a few groups, that certify coaches. But the fact is, anyone can be a coach.

The question is: do you trust the person, who is going to help you become a better person, and better business owner?

What is a business coach

Your business coach is an entrepreneur, or executive, who has grown a business – while dealing with personal challenges. Somehow, he or she, figured it out. They want to share that experience with you, and that’s what makes them a business coach.

Hiring a business coach is like having a non-equity partner in your corner, who can provide personalized advice that can help you navigate the terrain of your own limitations, in addition to helping you navigate the challenges of running a business.

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