NYC Couples Therapists


This article is about helping you understand the value of a couples therapist, whether you need one or not, and some top NYC couples therapists.

Are you and your partner struggling with conflicts, and feeling disconnected?

  • Are you struggling to feel passion, and care from your significant other?
  • Are you and your partner engaged in the same circular arguments?
  • Do you avoid bringing up important topics because you’re afraid of an argument?
  • Did your spouse/significant other engage in an affair, or breach the trust?
  • Are career, financial, or other family issues, causing tension and distance?
  • Do you worry that you and your partner aren’t compatible?

Anything besides complete cohesion can feel like chaos

That’s why you need an NYC couples therapist to help you.

Human Defiance is a mental wellness platform. Our goal is to help you defy the human condition. That’s what human defiance means.

The right couples therapist can bring you and your partner together

Couples therapists can help you, regardless of whether you’re dealing with a crisis, a transition in your life, or looking to make changes and improve your existing relationship.

Who Benefits From NYC Couples Therapy

Couples in NYC face the same issue as anyone living anywhere. The pace and demands of NYC make relationship issues appear quicker, and with more force. The number of people in NYC adds to the stress, and temptation for infidelity, in addition to other issues. Here are common issues an NYC couples therapist can help you with.

  • Angry/resentful partner
  • Depressed partner
  • Anxious partner
  • Constant fighting
  • Low sex, or no sex
  • No chemistry
  • Loss of trust
  • Lack of communication
  • Inability to commit
  • Inability to forgive
  • Emotionally cold, or disconnected partner

Who are some NYC couples therapists?

Below is a list of some couples therapists we identified online. They are listed in no particular order.

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