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This article is about helping you understand what a business coach does, and whether you might need one.

Who should be reading this article: Business owners, or other owner/operators in businesses.

Running a business can be a lonely enterprise. You might be profitable. You might be on your way to greatness, but the solitude of running a business can crush you. As with most things in life, having an experienced business coach means you can rely on someone to guide you through the toughest stages of life.

Most business owners are looking for advice on how to grow their business while having a limited amount of resources. There’s many articles and ebooks on how to build and grow a business, at the end of the day – most of the advice is generic.

The business life coach you choose, is going to help you separate the generic garbage from the actual – implementable, information.

Let’s talk about the basics – what is business coaching?

Business coaches are experienced entrepreneurs, and business owners, who have an understanding of the personal challenges a business owner faces, in addition to knowing how to grow a business. They can help you through the existential and literal business problems you face.

Many business owners ignore the fact there are experienced people who can help them through their challenges. The value of a business coach is often overlooked. Human Defiance is a life coaching service that rejects the notion that there are limits.

With the right preparation, and resources, you can defy the limits the world places on you. That’s what Human Defiance means.

What is business coaching?

Business coaches will help entrepreneurs, business owners, and other professionals grow. It’s someone whose more than just a life coach – it’s someone who has experience dealing with the human condition – while at the same time experiencing all the exceptional challenges of running a business. The business coach will help you manifest the best version of yourself. He, or she, will work to help you accelerate your growth – by helping you identify blindspots, and come up with game plans to manage them.

Your business coach is not a cheesy motivational speaker. Your business coach will expect more out of you than anyone else in your life.

How can Human Defiance help?

Human defiance is a life coaching service. We are here to help you beat the human condition, and be the best version of yourself. Our life coaching service is exclusively designed for professionals and individuals who are tired of cheesy self-help, mass audience business coaching programs.

We are not a program.

We are a concierge business coaching service.

There is nothing generic about what we do.

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